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Fun Game

The game is fun, and I like the characters

My review

I love this game because it can be hard or easy and because of that i fell like I can play it all day!

Pay to win garbage

Generic game that puts players a move or two away from winning so they will spend money on additional moves. No skill or strategy. Just a random number generator designed to get you to spend money on the one or two moves needed to win the level. Just a money grab. Don’t play this game, there are better ones out there.

I like the game!

It’s a wonderful game


Great time killer loved the game

Toon tough

This game is marketed to children, but it’s nearly impossible to get past many levels. I am an adult and I’m frustrated to the point that I’m about to delete the app. I’m on level 80 something, and there are over 1600 levels. People who get that high must have no life and spend a ton of cash to buy helps to get past the tough levels.

Great game with a but..

I absolutely love this game. I do not like, though, that the further you are in the game the more impossible it seems. I’ve been in the champion’s section several times and then new episodes come out, which is great. This last bunch has about made me want to quit. It’s not as enjoyable as before. Every game gets harder as it goes, I get that. With this one.. the pay off is minimal and the task is more frustrating than fun. There’s a lack of balance there, if you will. I feel toon blast is trying to keep up with clash royale and if the creators of the game read my “teams’” comments.. we do not like a lot of the extra stuff. We also would love an “undo” option (even if it costs coins). Anyway.. I’m trying to hang in there but I’m getting discouraged.


I am upset that you guys took away the opportunity to ask for life as anytime the play choose without a time limit. Also you cans can do a once in a while like 2 hours of unlimited some of your competitors do. Otherwise it’s a pretty good game...

No fun

Many levels are almost impossible to win. The programmers set it up that way. It shouldn't take more than 20 plays to pass one level.

More addictive than crack!

Love this game. Can’t stop playing.

So Much Fun!!

This is a really fun app! Try it out for like a minute and become addicted!!!

Blast of fun

Just started playing, it's a blast!


The best


What an awful game.... I can’t get anything done. This is so fun!!!!!


Fun, but maybe addicting makes it a bad thing


I usually don't play games on my phone but I decided to test this one out and ya I might be addicted to it! Totally fun and keeps you thinking about strategy. Well made.

A nice change

Different enough to be enjoyable considering the flood of match games


Just got this & I’m hooked!! Great fun.


I thought this game was ganna be super lame but it's actually really cute and a lot of fun!!! And now I'm addicted to playing lol

Very easy

It’s fun for my child but not for me. It’s not very challenging! I love the way it does explain to you.

I’m mad

I had 95 lives(hearts) and now I have zero. So where did they go. I’m very mad because I saved them for so long

No consistency

Game is fun sometimes. But most of the time its frustrating. You can pass 10+ levels, then you get a level that take 15 lives to pass. When you finally pass it, the next levels are passed easily and so on, over and over. No consistency in the level difficulty. Levels become very similar as you progress. I swear I have done many of the exact same puzzles multiple times, but at different levels.

Toon Blast

I enjoy the game!

Lucy’s opinion

Fun game , lots of movement. Addictive!!!

Luv this game❤️

Luv it! Tons of fun! Hypnotic!!


me and my mom love toon blast gr8 game

Me love this app

I love how it is challenging

Bunn da bunny

Good fast


Because my cousin helped me

The hell

I beat a level and it told me I didn’t have any moves left but all my bubbles was busted

The ads are annoying

This game is the most stupid game ever I only bought it because it wouldn’t stop giving me adds that last forever and are stupid and even after that it would still give adds about the game. It is a copy of candy crush and a disgrace

Relaxing fun

Good graphics. Lots of fun

I hate this game

The first couple of levels are fun and easy but after a while it got boring and hard and frustrating.


I did it for Ryan Reynolds... that..that’s it.

Fun game

This is a really fun game that keeps me thinking. I figure out which ones to make sets.



Big Durf

The game is ok but I decided I didn’t want it on my phone. So I tried to delete it but it won’t let me. Please tell me how I can delete it.

Fun but...

I like the game. I just wish you didn’t have to depend on a team to give you more lives. An ad would be better.

Created to make money

The game itself is okay. It’s not great not it’s certainly not awful. However, the system designed to generate a steam of constant revenue within the game is pathetic. I stopped playing when they wanted me to start paying for lives. I would gladly pay $9.99 cents for a full version but I refuse to give into microtransactions.



A Nice Little Time

A simple game; you tap the colorful blocks and clear a set goal. It doesn’t seem like you can replay levels, but I haven’t been playing that long and I’m not that concerned about it. It’s probably made for kids, but hey, I love cartoons. Speaking of which, I adore these mascots; Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear. They’re cute, expressive, and I love it when they jump on screen like “Yeah! You did it!”. I also love the menu music, like a theme song from a Saturday morning cartoon. I’m giving it five stars because of that.

1 Star

I regret Downloading this was the worst game ever.

Toon blast review

Let’s all realize that this game is a business. As business go it’s purpose is to make money. It has to have players to do so. That said the game is fun with a few annoyances. The code seems to favor the house a little heavy. The rockets “random” direction is clearly slanted to the house advantage which means the player will have more difficulty in completing the level. Using statistics to evaluate the frequency of the rocket horizontal direction clearly shows house advantage. The game should be set to make money from those who are impatient and just want to get through the levels fast. For those of us who seriously enjoy the strategic aspect of the game after level 450 the disadvantages begin to show more frequently. So back to my opening statement if the game wants provide a honest and fun following then adjust the house odds. If it is just to make money from those impatient non gamers then do nothing and I am sure you will make some money. At best it is a 2 due to heavy house odds.


I’m barley rating this game at a 3 because it is fun and passes time. However, this game is rigged and set up to make you lose so that you spend money! It’s getting more and more impossible to win a level if you do not pay. At almost level 1000 I will be deleting soon!

Good game just to easy

I like the game I just thinks it is to easy and I like a challenge so please just make it a little hard so it is a cooler game!

Deadpool rocks

Only reason I play was Ryan Reynolds

Because Ryan Reynolds

That’s why

The lives

This game is good but the most problem is the lives like you play and play but onetime you know that you can win you can’t play beacas you don’t have lives and for me that is the most bad thing

The worst!

This is the most boring game anyone can download!


It has consumed my life, i am now single, thanks.

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