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One of the Best

One of the best games I have downloaded. It’s challenging, yet not enough so one gets frustrated. The various levels provides incentive to complete and is challenging so you don’t win each level with one try. A great game for various age ranges.

Bad reviews on this are lies

This game is amazing! To those who say you need to spend money that’s a total lie. Game gives you a daily powerup and just being on a good team can help you get lives and other powerups. Also literally if you are stuck playing a levels odds are you will eventually win. I’ve only been stuck for 4 days on a levels hold out and save powerups. I’m on level 700

My review on Toon Blast



Kept me up all night


This game was so good that doos two disco balls explode everything

Total scam

I loved playing this game, in the beginning. But it’s very clear to me that it is set up so that after a certain level you have to spend money to progress. It’s really not fun to get stuck after every other level, and so I’m going to stop playing. I’ve spent $10, and i refuse to spend another dime. It’s a shame, I liked the team challenge aspect, which is different than other games.


Fun time killer.

Fun when your on a roll

Fun when your on a roll


Your new ad campaign is hysterical and brilliant

“Rockets are Random”

You get a one star. Advertising in a game that title then to find out that random means -not anything you need at all in a match so you buy what you actually need... isn’t “random.” If I get 30 rockets and 29 of them are in the same direction you the programmer are either mathematically challenged - or plainly cheating in your algorithms and then lying in your advertising. After 100 matches this ones deleted.

Rip Off !!!!

This was my favorite game,but Iam probably gonna delete it!!!! Iam on level 486? And I added money because I almost had it beat,but because I added money &12.99 it didn’t let me beat the level until it took all my money then I still didn’t beat the level ,it wanted more money and this is the 2nd time this has happened to me!!!! Because I know I would have beat it but it wouldn’t let me because I added the money!!!! My disco ball didn’t even work!!!! Come on give me a break,that’s terrible to take someone’s money like that, I wish I wouldn’t of even wasted my money!!! I probably would have beat the level‼️😡Last time I will ever add money‼️👎 I have to add to my review💰I still love this game,and I changed teams and because I did I received some great rewards and yes I ended up spending money again, but only once in a while....I still don’t understand why you give out the Xtra disco balls if you don’t want us players to use them??? Every time I use one to help me out it gets blown away and I don’t get nothing out of it!!! So why even give it as a reward?

Good game

Like Toy Blast but more fun.

The games try’s to get money

I play this game however it is constantly doing things to where you can’t burst what needs to be gone without buying rockets or other things. It is clear and obvious it wants you to lose so you keep spending money on hearts and/or other things.

Nice game, BUT

Game is exiting, challenging and fun. I’m a 68 year old gamer and I’m able to play this game, but this game cheats when it wants to. I’m on level 1548 so I have been playing for a while but seems like the game will hold you at a level for as long as they want, than let you miraculously win, also watch the board closely because they will switch things up. I’ve never paid anything to pay, never will.


Love it. It’s fun

Toon Blast

The first time I’ve seen them in my life. Greatest App ever


It’s a one star for me as you’ve got no sound on it for iPad! I had sound at one time before the update??? Now.?! I’ve got nothing🤬🤯🤬

Mommie B


Fun distraction

This game is fun and distracting

Awesome game so much to play


Was enjoying

I was enjoying playing this game, only the second day and all I get is join a team. I don’t want to join a team so now I will be deleting this game.

Colorful fun

Matching, blasting fun with lots of twists. Fun!

Love this game very interesting 👌

Love it!!!!!!

Force pay to play

This games will forces you to buy in app purchases once you get to certain levels as it becomes impossible to play without buying tools and so on

Now you don’t get the bonuses!

On level 650 I didn’t get either of the bonuses. Nothing for reaching level 650, it now claims next bonus at 660. And the Star Chest SHOWED bonuses but didn’t give them. No free full lives, no column remover tool, etc. I’m less and less impressed by this developer. I already stopped playing Toy Box over this nonsense. REMEMBER PLAYERS, they are making money off of you! But you’re not getting any benefit, not even those promised for playing! Sad.

its ok

its a good game but you cant switch the cubes around? and is this music copyrighted material?

Game cheats and steals!

If you want a game that cheats and steals than download toon blast. This game doesn’t give you coins when you win a level, it just wants you to buy coins. Even when you buy the coins it’s like they take them away. I bought 2,000 coins for $24.99 and within 5 minutes I look at my coins and it’s down to 100?!!? I made one purchase to buy coins on my credit card and my card was charged 6 times!! $150 total!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!!


Simple puzzle game. Addictive and fun🎉

Toon Blast

Great game

Very best.

This is by far the best puzzle I've ever played. Very rewarding.


I’m on level 892 and I have gone through over 15 lives and still can’t pass it. I do not believe a level should be that hard to pass and I should not have to use stuff or buy anything to pass a level.


Fun game

Love the game

There are some QOL updates that I would love though. Co-leaders would be nice because I miss a lot of join requests when I’m at work. I also would like a ban button. Particularly for this player Amber that always joins and tells us to cheat. Otherwise, the game is fantastic!!


It makes you have a lot encouragement d that is why I love it


Fun game but addicting

It’s a game

I’ll play just about anything waiting in line. I’ll play this because Ryan Gosling [ ;) ] put out some amazingly funny commercials. Woo time to click some things and make some sounds. Jimrox9000 out!

It’s Awesome!

I love this game! I saw it on an ad and wanted to try play it. I really like it.

Toon Blast

Nice Game

This game is better than the adds

So I’m kinda addicted to this game and it’s so much fun it may seem childish at first but once you get to level 30 man it takes skill it’s so much fun I recommend this

Fun game

Lots of fun with no time limits.


f yeah toon blast


Another match game, I for some reason skipped levels 1-14! Started on level 15. The difference with this one is you can pretty easily created special items.


It a great game I love it so much it keeps me on my toes


Great game

So so very asome

I think you are doing so GRAT and I love it keep up the good work!!! ;)

Thank Ryan Reynolds

I started playing cuz of Ryan Reynolds and the YouTube ad for this game

Toon blast

Fun game that’s played all the time by me.

Don't bother

Got to Level 140 and was not able to progress after umpteen tries. One is forced to make a purchase and I refuse to do this. Uninstalled it, and hoped to start over. Not possible. It only takes you back to the last level you finished.

Great game

Best game

The Overall Best

Thank you for giving me and probably many others a way to relieve stress. I love this game so much, and it helps me with anxiety.

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