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BLAST of fun

I got this game for fun originally from a add but now that I play it this is amazing!!

Toon game

Cute fun game , my child likes it.


I like this company's app games. They are fun and addictive. Only down fall is they don't give you a lot of coins when you win a level, making it very challenging to trade items or buy them. I also thing the boosters shouldn't count as a turn.

Don’t download

Do not download they just trick you into buying Stars

Toon Blast

Fun to play


This game itself is not very different from other match 3 games. Like all games developed these days, it quickly becomes boring unless you are willing to spend money to buy bombs you need to move on from a level. If you are too smart to spend money on absolutely nothing, you get stuck on the same level and play it for days. The boredom is increased by the annoying primary colors and cartoon characters. Whom were these designed to appeal to? Surely children young enough to be interested in cartoon bears are not given the ability to make the necessary in-app purchases. This is yet another in a series of games I downloaded, found interesting, discovered were too expensive to play, and deleted. There are enough match-3 games out there to provide an endless supply of games to play for a day or two. I’ll keep looking until I find one I only have to pay for once.

Fun Game

I love playing Toon Blast. I hope my favorite game will work on a new iPhone. My old one is wearing out. Thank you very much.


Enjoy it

Addicting music

Great music keep up the work! I wish you would put on some NCS soundtracks on it. Thank you!

This game is addicting once you get started

I’m really a casino guy but I downloaded this game from my grandkids and really like it

I enjoy

toy blast is great so I thought I would give this a try it’s also going to be a great game

Comical & cool.

I'd recommend this game for kids, also. Entertaining and fun.

Thought was ok until...

I was excited to download this game only to find out you have to tip your iPad and can’t have your iPad level you have to have it standing up I for one do not like that working with one hand it’s kind of hard this game could’ve been better if they would let the screen tilt until then I will not play. kind of a bummer


Seems ok. Easy to play. Fun

Fun game

Fun game

Toon Blast

It's fun so far. Looking forward to harder levels.

Fun little game

This is a fun little game to play

Toon Blast

I love it 😍

How Coooooool

The most addicting,challenging game I have ever played!!!!!!


Great way to waste some time if your bored, kids loved playing it too

Fun Game

Great game to pass the time meanwhile enjoy doing the best you can. The characters are fun and the tools you can earn or purchase can go a long way. Enjoy!!


Lot's of great Fun!


Hmmm,I really don't know what to do,I've been waiting for this game to get interesting(I'm on leval40) and it still isn't as cool as the video ad

Good game

Good game


This game is challenging, but not so much that you are frustrated because you can’t advance to the next level. I don’t see the need to replay a level just because I got less stars than I could have. If the game is too frustrating, then it’s not fun for me. I love it!

Good game

Good game but no redo’s if you like completing a level and want to get 3 stars on it, other than that it’s entertaining and I like the different items you can use, has come in handy on a few levels.


Hello Toon Blast I found Toon Blast a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with this game. Some of the levels I've struggled on but finally made it through. At one point in time I bought extra coins which I wouldn't do again. You want to know why ...? I spent $9.99 + tax {8.875% NY} total of $10.86 for 1200 coins. The coins were gone in less then FIVE (5) minutes because each time you go for FIVE (5) more moves the amount of coins required goes up by 100. I haven't come across any other game like this with such GREED. Other games charge you 25 or 50 and it only goes up by a small amount if you need more. My second problem is Level 120 which I'm stuck on. You have to break through the Yellow, Blue, Red and Green bricks and very RARELY DO THE COLORS LINE UP IN CINQUE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. WHEN YOU FINALLY ACCOMPLISH TO MACH SOME OF THE BRICKS ALL THE MOVES ARE GONE. THIS LEVEL NEEDS EITHER MORE MOVES OR SOMETHING DONE DIFFERENT WITH THE MATCHING UP. I AM ON DISABILITY SO MY MONEY IS LIMITED BUT ALSO I WOULDN'T BUY COINS FOR THE REASON STATED ABOVE. Sincerely, Madison's Nannie

Good time so far...

Only at level 11. Keeps me interested but is a match 3 game. Have to get to higher levels to see where it’s going to go for me!



Great game

Only negative is being limited to five attempts at a time.


The game is fun and entertaining.

Fun and addictive

I play this when I'm not busy at work. Great time killer.


Quite addictive!!


I absolutely love this game. It's a lot of fun and I can't help but play it too much haha

Fun game

Fast moving addictive


All good so far


Fun for anyone!

Love it!

Fun fun fun

Toy Blast Jr

I alternate between the two games. Toon Blast even has soon perks I enjoy more.. like playing on teams.


Love this game


It is like Toy Blast I love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I Love this game ......

Awesome game

This is an awesome game!


Hello fags i like this game

Toon Blast

A fun and entertaining game. Just a game that you don't have to think about or strategize you can just play and have fun. You do have to do a little thinking but not much. 😆 ☺️

Fun Game

A lot like Toy Blast so I love it!


Super fun.

Fun initially

But later levels are more luck dependent the skills. With the 5 game limits, if you have a small area to begin your level there isn't much you can do. I have had games where the titles auto re-arrange about 3 times in one game. Just not very nice.

Toon blast

Good game

Great game!

I play this with my 5 year old and his loves it!!

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