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Lots of variety in the puzzles.



False Advertising

The ads for the game are unrealistic. If you do win a level achieving 1 out of 3 stars, you can never go back and replay the level. If you try to delete your game to start over, you have to beg them by email to reset your game, and then they ask why. The developers of this game feel very controlling. For children, the first few levels are all they can accomplish. It advertises as a child friendly game, and it is not.

The best ever made

This game has got to be the best game of the century it is very absorbing and is fun on every level challenging but also very achievable and a definite must to have for all age levels

Toon Blast

Great game. I am hooked


Challenging game!


This game I’d fukked!!!! I’m gonna keep saying it! FUKKED UP GAME!!!!! 0 Stars!!!!


Am only 3 and love it




Fun. Better then Toy Blast


This game is so cool and give me something to do



New Update on iOS is freezing program

I’ve been playing Toon Blast for the past week with more fun than Toy Blast. Team play makes this a much better game that is also FREE IF YOU SAVE UP YOUR COINS and get on a TEAM THAT GIVES LIVES. You can even shore up to 14 lives for Free if you request more in Chat when you’re down to 9 lives every 4 hours. Giving someone else a life earns you 1 coin in the penny-wise manner. But— current version FREEZES PROGRAM mid-game. Resetting or closing the game loses the life.


Not too hard but makes you think

Blastin’ Fun!

I blasted fun! Some haters here. Not me! Blastin’ toons fun! Seven stars! Game is also fun! 🦄

love it

one of the best games ever i got hooked to it

Great fun addictive

Hey it's a fun game right when your finish a level you want to finish another it so ADDicting however they should try hardening the levels great game TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good fun!!

Great way to spend time!

Relaxing and fun


Watch out 🤔

This game is really fun🙂😍😎🙃Just watch out for using your own/personal/real money 💵 for the coins in the game☹️😢Think if its worth it😖Happy Tomorrow Birthday Me🎂🎁🎊

This is just like candy crush or Pet Rescue to me. Its fun and sometimes a challenge.

I wish everyone luck and fun. Merry Christmas and have a Happy (2018) New Year from our family to yours.


This game is so much fun!

Very fun game

This is a very fun and addictive game...great way to kill time, just wish it was more ways to earn lives!!!

Great Game!

I just got this game a couple of days ago but so far it’s great!


Big game

Great game

Love this game! It’s a real challenge and addicting.

Keeps freezing

Fun game and I’ll change it to 5 stars if they’ll fix the freezing that happens multiple times.


Performance game

Awesome game


Best game in awhile

Really a nice gamec


Great game.

No $ Just patience

I have surpassed level 400. I have not spent any money. To say it requires money to pass the higher levels means you haven't developed the patience to not wait the time for lives to recharge. Figure out the strategy and be patient. Don't waste the power ups you earn when not necessary. But I surely don't like the clams!

Continue vs retry

Retry vs next game should be optional. I like to achieve 3 stars before I move ahead but even if I get 1 or 2 stars it forces me to continue.


The game is fun for the first few games. The advertisement totally misleads you. I am at level 5, and it would take spending money to continue the game to get anywhere. No thank you. Delete.


Love it


Even know it’s a remake it’s fun how you can join clans


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It’s adorable!!!!😃😃♥️♥️♥️🤩🤩

When I first played this game I played a round and I had a blast and the characters adhere sooo cuuute!!!!!!! I love this game it amazing.

Toon Blast

The game is great, but the only problem I have is life’s they take to long to get and that makes me hate the game sometimes. If maybe life’s only took 5 or 10 minuets, it would be more enjoyable.


Very colorful and easy to play


Super cool game


Enjoyable game with lots of opportunities to gain power ups


Excelente me encanta este juego

Toon Blast

What a fun game to play

I love this game

I play it all day and it is so much fun

Fun to play

it’s really fun you get to team up and if you get to 20 then get 30 you’ll get a surprise box which is the bomb. It distracts you a lot so it’s really fun to play like when you’re super bored. You can choose your team you come play with people in my opinion I think you should really play this game. My sister told me to download it then I was like no then when I did I loved it !!🤙👍🏻👍🏻😀

Fun fun fun

So much fun and addicting hard to put it down. Lol


This game is fun to play but after you reach the upper levels it is so difficult it isn't fun any more.

Great fun

Love this game. Join a team and keep them lives coming!

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