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Brutal y bien adictivo!!!

Toon Blast

Toon Bakst is one of the cool games and it has a lot of levels

Hi There I’m Sophie and my dad works at dominos

I’m not sure if I really like this game but I kinda like it bye 👧🏽

Ahhhh I can't stop playing this game

Help me I can't stop playing with the best game in the world.


I will kill everyone starting with myself


El juego esta muy divertido

Bulbateams 3

I can't stop playing this!

Funny 😁 Relaxing- Saturday Mornings Reminiscent. 😃😄


New update freezes my phone

I loved playing this game until the latest update. With the latest update this game gets frozen and I have to shut my phone down and start over it crashes in the middle of the game and will not allow me to do anything but restart my phone. Until the next update I will not play this game. Please lets get this fixed ASAP.


So far so fun!


Your ads keep appearing in my games and I’m completely frustrated because of it. I understand you want me to play your game but I also want to play my game without your long ads.


Not really original game concept and you have no option of watching videos for coins or anything. Just have to pay real money which is not going to happen for me.


The adds are very annoying. They piss me off


Muy buen juego, loamo

Fun to start

Lots of fun initially then it gets progressively hard to the point you need to BUY!!!!! That's when I deleted. B came impossible to get to next level without making purchase. Enjoy up to level 98.


Fun game so far!


Relaxing too!

Plz put pads

Put pads instead of a button do you know what I mean

toon blast

I like it is easy to play

Fun at first

Had it about a week & I guess I’m done, since I am stuck on a level that is too difficult (level 60something). I’m not paying real money for boosts. After each level you get 1-3 stars for your score. Even if you barely get one star, you must advance to the next level. Most games like this allow you to play the same level again. I really need to have 3 star scores for each level in order to gain the skills needed for the next level. So that is a major problem for me. There’s plenty of better games, but I will change my review if I am wrong or if they correct this. It has so much potential!

Fun game (if you pay)

They let you win at first but towards level 250 and above you start seeing how the game is rigged. They will tell you the rockets “arrows” are intermittent but they will always go in the opposite direction that you need them to go. It was really fun at the beginning but I finally had to stop because I used 60 turns on one level and was never going to get past it without me buying.


I have seen your ads over and over again and loved seeing the bombs explode and clear the board! How disappointed I've been to encounter level after level of overly challenging boards and hardly ever the fun of clearing the board. I find your game frustrating and I don't play to be frustrated. I play to have fun!

Game is great


Hate the piggy bank thing

Love the game but hate the piggy bank thing . It's very unfair sigh

Lots of fun

Great game. For young or old. Plenty of prizes.


Mindless way to chill out

Love it

Folks saying they paid for higher levels. I haven’t paid one dime and I max out the levels every week. Each round is winnable without paying money. If you do not plan your moves I guess paying would make it easier. Currently level 1051 and did it for free.

Durn, this is fun!

I’m enjoying this- love to hear the ducks squeak.

Money trap

I hate that you have to buy the coins you earn. It adds up so quick. Now any coins I earn are just wasted.

Jack 4319

Fun game ... gets more challenging the more levels you gain ...

Very Cool Game

Especially if you r bored!

This is very funny


Fun game keeps you busy when you're bored!

Fun game has same qualities as a lot of other games but jeeps you busy when you're bored and your mind sharp!


Typical pay to play game. You can probably complete without spending anything but they place the layout of the continue buttons to burn up the rewards you’ve earned. - super annoying and ultimately the reason I deleted game and wrote this review. Also there’s a reward system for passing levels without loosing a life. Good feature but they try to get at you subconsciously for not spending coins almost try to make you feel bad for “loosing your crown” lastly there’s a coin reward that you can pay to collect - I get it they’re in it to make a buck not mad but the effort wasn’t made to conceal their intentions which comes across as pushy to me. Have fun!

I love it so Mach it is goodness


The Team Thing.

I find it annoying that you try and make people create a Team or join a Team. I enjoy the game alone on my phone playing it by myself, I also hate the pop up that stays forever trying to force you to join a Team, NO I’d delete the whole app before I join a Team or create one. Leave all that be not everyone wants to do that. Reason being I could only give the game 1 star, I hate being annoyed with games apps I download for entertainment!

Love it!!!

Very Relaxing!!!


I love it





Too many duplicate patterns

You simply change the shape and act like it’s a different level

It's truly a Blast!

Love this game!!




Best time spent,,awesome game no ads and a lot of fun!

Thank you!

It is really good when I am holding a puppy it my arms

Good game

This is a really great game but it is just like so many other games other there! I would recommend playing TOY BLAST in stead of TOON BLAST!



Love it

Nic game!

Fun !

I'm not sure I understand it all, but it's fun

Have to pay

I like the game but it makes me mad that I have to pay to use the coins in the piggy bank I have earned. When it comes time that I need to use the coins, I will be deleting the game because I’m not waisting $3 on something I earned by playing the game.

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